1st Visit?

What should I wear? On any given Sunday morning you will see a variety of dress.  Some people are dressing up, others come more casual and comfortable.  You may see a suit, a few ties, dresses, jeans, t-shirts, and shorts.   Come in what is comfortable for you.  Saturdays are also laid back, simply come as you are.  

The bulletin: You will be handed a bulletin that has an Order of Worship on the back as well as announcements about upcoming events.  There is also a tear-off section.  We would love to hear from our guests and it would be great if you would fill some of that out and place it in the offering plate as an offering of your presence.

Children: Towards the beginning of the service there is a Children’s Message, when volunteers and sometimes the pastor, share a brief message with them. Afterwards, children in Kindergarten and younger can be escorted to the nursery which is downstairs in the education wing.  We also ask that if you do utilize the Nursery, that you sign out your child at the end of Worship! There is also a Family room in the back of the church for parents who want to keep their more energetic children with them.  We currently offer Child Care only at the 1045 Connections service.

Worship: A diverse congregation, requires a diversity in worship.  On Sundays at 8:00 we are Traditional, with a choir and organ.  At our 10:45 Connections Service the Praise Band leads us in songs that many are playing on the radio. Saturday has a relaxed contemporary feel, beginning with a time of praise and worship with the Praise Band. As a worshipper you are invited to participate fully or sit back and rest in the presence of the Lord.  It is our hope that you come to Church expecting to see God.

Communion – Lord’s Supper: On the weekend of the first Sunday of the month, we share in communion. Everyone who desires to walk with Jesus is invited to share in His meal. Sunday’s Communion Celebration is a little more formal as a sign of respect and reverence (but people still dress as they please).  

Offering: One of the ways we give our thanks is with our offering.  Every week there are two financial offerings.  One is for a specific mission project, the other is for ongoing ministry and mission of the church.  As a guest, please do not feel any pressure to give.  The only offering we ask of our guests, are the offering of their presence by way of the Connections Card!

The Message: Each weekend we look at the God’s life lessons from the Bible and we try to communicate that message in a way that is understandable, enjoyable, and memorable so that people may grow in their everyday walk with Jesus. It is important to us that we help each other understand how God wants us to live!   

Finally we want to thank you for taking time to join PUMC family for Worship.  We hope you come again and become connected to our church, by helping us create Christian Families.

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